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Service Agreement

We get it, they have a bad rap. Commonly known as “Extended Service Agreements” or “Extended Warranty” policies, dealers are known to be pushy about making you buy one. We’re here to change any pre-conceived notion you might have.

For starters, we refuse to sell any product that we don’t believe wholeheartedly in. If we didn’t put these Agreements on our own trailers, we wouldn’t offer them to you. Time and time again, we hear our customers wish that they would have added one to their trailer.

For as little as $3/day, you can add up to 10 years of additional full coverage to your trailer. That means when an AC goes out, you get to keep your $2,000 in your pocket. When a fridge goes bad, you keep your $6,000 in your pocket. You get the picture. When you add a service agreement to your trailer, you’re protecting a big investment. This isn’t to say that your trailer isn’t built well—again, we don’t sell products we don’t believe in—but things happen when your “house” is rattling down the road.

Locking in future repairs at today’s rates with a reputable warranty company is the smartest decision you’ll ever make!